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The Unconditional, Divine Love I Talked About

That day when I was in lot of pain, I turned to God and questioned Him
Oh God, why me? What did I do to deserve this faith, tell me, why me?
God smiled at me and said, "Love is what you did and
When it came your way you said you'll honor it, so...."
My pain vanished at that very moment, I interrupted, "Yes", smiling.

The Law Of Sacrifice

You sacrifice your happiness, your life only for the happiness of the person you love.
You don't do it for a beggar, you don't do it for a stranger and you don't do it for God's sake.
I don't know what to feel, for I turned out to be your happiness, happily sacrificed.

The Scars On Soul

Just to get my body, you ripped my soul.
You shouted love at the top of your voice,
When you didn't know it's meaning at all.
And now I don't know what should I do,
If you wanna come back to me..
Should I let you rip my soul once more?

The Truth Behind The Lie

I know why you lie to me coz you don't trust me with your truth. But you don't worry, I believe you still, just because I love you. And now I question myself, who lied whom?

They Say That Time Heals All

That day you said that time will heal all. From the day itself, I have been trying to be the time.

The love that dare not speak its name

Anything that you do to fulfill your need Cannot be termed as love.. it is a pretense.

The Simple Logic Of Trust

If you cannot trust yourself when you are with me,
Go.... run away... don't ever trust me.
That way
You will be safe, not hurt or feel guilty.......... ever.

The Designs of Heart

People look for space in life and
I found comfort in the little space in which we lived.