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When Love Speaks

Love purifies, lust maligns and I love you Since my love doesn't haunt you, Since my love comforts you... Even you know that my love for you is true.. Don't you?

The Surmounted Obstacles

All the pressure over the years made a rock the diamond,
All the mud surrounding a bud helped it to grow as the lotus.
I now understand what all we need to go through to get to the things,
The things which we love to see in our life.

The Paradox Of Pain

When you are in pain, share the pain which is not yours
Your pain will subside or die...
And happy is the heart which feels the pain.

Awaiting Winds Of Change

I can't change you I do not have the right.
Because the only person who can change you is YOU.

The Two Facet World

In your world, people snatch and steal the last morsel.
In my world we share it even when we are starving.
And believe me that shared piece appeases our hunger.

The Lust In My Eye May Blind You

Even after knowing all you accepted me as your destiny.
I needed you to shoulder me when I cry, I needed you to bolster as a trophy in front of public eyes. You were the object of my lust...  Because I would have never done what I did with you to the person I love. I still remember the times when you just wanted to hold my hand, When you needed someone to comfort...  How I counted your emotional fall-outs as my opportunities to bed you outright. Even today when I talk about you, I say you were a mistake I made.  The irony is that even now you won't accept  That it was not love.... no love ever that I had. You were just an object to me, my possession for a while. I have no repentance baby....  You keep coming to me, I'll keep using you.

Fighting My Shadow

I once promised that I'll fight with the world for you,
You left me and I started fighting myself.

And then I realized to win this battle acceptance needs to enter my life.

The Battle With Self

It is easy to fight the world and difficult to fight with self.
I have seen people winning worldly battles and losing to self.

And you only lose when you give up....

Those Innocent Eyes

You looked at me with those innocent eyes, You spoke to me about the world so nice, I was there to kill.. but you.. You killed the devil inside.