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The Book Of Life

I, the book of life was born on earth
Found that love is of greatest worth.
I, devoted an entire part of me to you
The things I felt, others had no clue.
I, progressed holding your hand
Never thought that the love would end.

The story still moves ahead
But the part of love is what all dread.
There are now grueling attempts
To tear what the heart of book kept.

Let the story continue, let the life not be left with erased memories...

Deal With It

People worry about their problem more than they think about their dream.
You are never gonna find a problem free life
The important decision is, are you gonna
Reel under it or Deal with it..

The End Of All Wrongs

The problem is that the system is rotten, it is not about an individual.
The problem is that there will always be a man who will revolt against this system.
The problem is that the revolution is never silent...
And then you'll complain that we make NOISE.

The Problem With The World

The problem with the world is that first the people tell you to make your own decisions
And then they question every decision that you have made.
The problem with me is I won't back off because I believe this is the right thing to do.

Enigma of Yesterday And Tomorrow

I don't know what to do with my past.
But I know there are those who care about what I do with my future.
And I won't ever give up on them....