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The Price Of Life

Don't ever let anyone set a price on your life You'll be rather rich when your life is priceless Set a price and you're up for trade...

The Frozen Tree

Not the ice that you poured over my body that took off my color It's the silence that you directed towards my heart that shuddered my soul.

The Rebirth of The Living

This time when happiness knocked Incessant drops started filling my eyes. I made a wish and my wish is realized. I soaked in the pure joy of this moment I looked up at the heavens and together we cried. I've lived a life, I'm reborn and it's time to start another life.

The End Of Prayer

Let not the pain of my wounded body and tormented soul be seen by the ones I love For I cannot stand the agony of feeling my pain in their eyes...

The Burden Of Love

There are times when the burden and pain of being loved too much drowns me. Burden and pain of being loved - do you understand...