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The Victims Of Love - 4

You don't understand love. You experience it. It's the experience that's eternal
Not love, sometimes...

The fable of the land and the sea

"You and I, the land and the sea."
"Land and sea, I don't understand"
"There are days when the sea is calm.
I'm content with just having you, there. 
I know you're in your own world still I'm calm."
"And, there are days when the sea is restless. 
I want you to reach my depths, explore me,
I desire you, I want you."
"Can't we just merge, become one."
"We can't, for you're the land and I'm the sea, 
and our coming together will mean destruction for our world."
"Why then, am I the land, and you're the sea? 
Why can't we both be sea, intermingling where the land ends, 
exploring each other's mystery? 
Why can't we be?"

(my answer might not be your's. you find your own answers of this one)

The Spell Of December

There was something very defining about you
You've painted your dreams with your chosen colors
You've that simple craziness that makes you unique
You've that innocuous mischievousness
You're like a snow covered mountain, glowing white
I reveled in your beauty, I know you, you are me.
Not the me existing here and now
Faded like the melting snow
Lapsed in time...

I'm waiting for the December snow again
But this time it isn't snowing
They say that the world has changed
And it's never gonna snow here again.

The Coffee Conversations

In between those hot sips of the dark brown liquid
And the fumes carrying the smell of the diffused beans
We've talked nonchalantly about today and tomorrow
We've talked about work and world, and silence followed.
There are still a few conversations that are left incomplete
I'm speaking loud in my heart, are you even listening...

That Forgotten Diary

While cleaning my closet, I caught hold of the box of memories. The box of memories that enclosed the forgotten diary. My hands trembled conveying not to unlid it, Don't pick it, don't open it, then my heart sighed. That forgotten diary - The torn pages reminded me of everything I wrecked, The blank ones reminded me of everything incomplete, And there were still these one left, nether torn nor blank Marred with tears, marred yet not destroyed like my soul. Then I closed the diary, like I closed my heart And consigned it to oblivion once again.

The Aging Soldier

I've this uncanny nature
Of picking up the battles
That I know I can't win.
Battered, bruised
Refusing to concede
I fight these lonely battles
Battles that just don't recede.
Why is all I ask O God
Why this heart has to feel everything