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The Forgiveness Of Sins

The forgiveness of my sins is not my miseries and sufferings,
Forgiveness comes from what I do and my right doings.

The Life In This Moment

I do what I do, because I feel it is right.
Had I not felt that I would have never done that,
Because repentance is waste of life.

The Promise That Heaven Kept

Sometimes I am so damn alone,
The only thing I wanna do is hold your hand.
But then I remember that....
I have my dreams to achieve
And I have some promises to keep.

The Rose Among Thorns

You are disillusioned by the difficult path, I am attracted by the beautiful destination.

The Toy You Thought That I Am

You knew that I was a in love.
You knew that I was alive.
Then why did you play with me,
Like if I was just a toy.

The Things You Decide

I cannot understand what you mean when you say "you deserve better".
I deserve the person whom I love and who loves me back.

Am I right?

A Million Miles Away From Myself

Today I am a lonely sky,
Looking for my shining stars, The moon that has left by. Is it just a rough season, Or is it yet another long and daunting night.

The Marriage Of Convenience

In today's world where religion marries religion, wealth marries wealth.... Where can I find a match, I am a human whose religion is mankind  and love is the only wealth I possess.