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What Matters

I want you to remember me
And I don't care even if
This world and my own forget.

The House Of Memories

I've endured a suffering for so long just by holding those memories tight close to me.
And I still don't want to let go of those memories,
I'll let them warm me from inside and tear me apart at the same time.

The Mystery Of Life

was too short to live with you
is too long to live without you.

A Beautiful Peace

I rocked a baby to sleep in the cradle of my arms
And in those moments...
I found the worth of this life
A beautiful peace.

Not My Own World

The wrecks of my heart are mine and mine alone. Don't try to mend them, it's through those ruins That this life has sustained...

The Broken Hearted

Love brought me closer to life, then life took me away from love.

The Buried Pain

I saw him smoking a puff in.
He was standing alone at a corner in the party.
And then a cloud of smoke flew out of his mouth.
Circles dissipated in air.
I walked up to him and said, 'I didn't know you smoked.'
He was somewhat taken aback by the breach in his solitary.
He extinguished the fag under his foot.
'Killing time,' he said.
'Or killing self,' I asked.
He strode without answering, hands in pocket and a dropped head.
I've witnessed him brooding in loneliness.
But with people around, he is all smiles.

When love is less, pain is more.

The Dark Side of Me

There is a darkness that surrounds me. A deceptive darkness. My dark side. This darkness consumes all like the black hole. How could I've let you in, the Light When I could not get out of my own dark side.

The Cusp Of Love

I held that cup tight and cautiously, as if it's not the cup
But our relation that I was holding on to.
You were engrossed in sorting the clothes.
'Hey, coffee for you.'
You smiled, I smiled.
'It's good,' you said.
'I think I know your tastes better now.' I pronounced with some self adulation.

You look at me with amazement and obliviousness at the same time.
I knew in that very moment that our love is still incomplete.
I still cannot say you're the one because in you I seea split
The you that I know and the you that I don't know.

The Silent Transformation

He looks at me with a smile and I smile back. He kisses my head and says you've the most beautiful smile. I smile a little wider and then curb it guiltily. I've heard this before, I've believed this before. He wants me to be happy and I'm happy with him.
But you know that... There is no eye that sees me the way you did Neither a heart that feels my heart like you did. May be I'm no more the me in love. I've transformed with time but that feeling hasn't.

The 1484 days since...

My heart raced a million miles in those few seconds
It's been years since that unceremonious goodbye
And there you were looking as beautiful as ever.
The dinner. The goodbye.
I stayed there for a moment, I let the grief shroud my soul,
I let the cloud burst occur in my eyes.
Shattered I returned to that place which took you away from me
Only to realize that I've been robbed of my memories
The one I needed to console my heart
Just sneaked into my diaries and
Tore all my musings, my conversations with you.
I was not entitled to love and now
I'm not entitled to express my pain either.
I rest in dark sadness tonight and
Hope that the dreamer meets his dream.

The Antidote To Happiness

She was silently staring at the horizon, in a trance, wistfully thinking.
I placed the coffee in front of her and asked, 'what are you thinking?'
She stared at me and I noticed her vacant eyes.
'Nothing', she said.

'Sometimes it's not the life that we live
But the life that we can't which
Is the reason of our heart's despair.'