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The I'mperfect Sustenance

There is no poetry in it, no prose either
This is the most clear note that I've ever written here
But this is also the most cryptic one you'd ever read from me.
We're not in this for us but for the others,
You and I, we've our lives but we live for others
And let's not make the others realize this
This is our secret gift to them.

The Lost Conversation ~ 2

I talk. I talk to the sea or the mountains or a pillar or a tree but not you 
Because I've this fear of being right or wrong, fear of being judged, being labeled. 
I'd say and I'd regret, or may be I fear of being misunderstood. 
No, may be not being understood at all. 
May be I told you everything and you loved me for being me, 
But then you never wanted me to be me. 
I need to stay silent but I crave to speak. 
No I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to myself. 
This is getting oblique, I've to stop. Forget it, it's nothing.

The Lost Conversation

She: "What are you thinking?"
He: "Nothing."
She: "Nothing???"
He: ........ (Nothing. I wish I could say, "stressing, searching for meaning, seeking peace, battling my inner demons, praying for a better world, wishing I live my dreams, hoping that my heart heals. But 'Nothing' is all I could say")