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a new New beginning

There's more that you can do this New Year than cherishing bottles of booze, More than a movie with friends and popcorn and coke...
Something that can help a person in need Something that can help you gain a praise The power of praise is equal to God's grace.

The Music Of Nature

The song of birds, the sound of waves
The shush of breeze and the rhythm of rains
Listen very carefully to the message it conveys
Don't get consumed in the overwhelming existence
Life is beautiful, if you live it that way...

The Search For Truer Answers

The Story:
In the midst of the uproar in the concert, there was a musician who played the song.
In the midst of the turmoil in the ocean, there was a sailor who reached the shore.
The musician soothed souls.
The sailor saved lives.
They both had a heart, a heart filled with courage,
They both found a reason great enough to die for.

The Lesson:
Before it is too late, follow your dream, sing your song,
And find something great enough to die for..

here’s to the crazy ones

If you'll ask me to paint the wall again,
I'll paint it in the same color.
You'll try to put colors on me,
But the color of my soul remains the same..

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

I call it uncertain times, a conundrum we face in our lives
When our will goes weak and our thoughts seem to scatter
When all that we try and do, nothing does matter...

The Time Ticks Away

The day to day struggle of our own existence has taken the life away.
Feel the chill before the ice melts, live your dream before life ends...

The Calculator Of Risk

Had I ever heard what they said, I would have given up a long time back. The risk is not in losing, the risk lies in not trying. I'll go ahead and give it a try, let others keep calculating the risk ;)

Always and Forever

It seems to me that all that is there in life is sometimes decimated in a nano-second, and we are paralytic, we no longer feel life. We have entered to an unchartered territory because everything we trusted, believed, loved is taken away from us. Where are we really? We are in a midst of the past and the future but for long we keep on standing here, where we should not. We don’t let the past pass. At this point we hold on to it, everything alive holds to it, the winds hold to it, the fire holds to it… Something is now inside us, has entered our heart and is no longer even there, it’s running in our veins; it’s a part of our bloodstream. We have changed, something has transformed within us and we are clueless. Life will keep on moving and so will we be unwillingly or willingly, reluctantly or tolerantly. What can we do about it?

Beyond Few Words

Oh my beautiful souls, my child, You gave me the world where I could smile. Your naughty and innocent ways, God held me with your embrace. With you I started to forget worldly pains, And I received more than I could ever give.
Today when I depart I wish for you Just a wish for you... my sweet child Be good, do noble things And may all your dreams come true.
I'll Miss You.

**The first pic on Soliloquies through my lens.

I feel your pain

I was so busy in living with my suffering,
That I forgot to endure the pain of my very own people...

the tides of time


Your hero today won't be a hero tomorrow, The most loved one will be left all alone, What can you offer, what can you ascertain, The winds will change their direction  But will you remain the same to me...

The Darkness In The Light

Somewhere in the castle ground,
With celebrations all around,
You find yourself all alone,
Your heart refusing to sing the song...
Your heart refusing to sing the song...

But still you enjoy listening to the sound they are making.

the pain that hurts deep

hungry, injured, bleeding.... but that's not the pain. The pain is that you don't understand WHAT FOR

The Midnight Awakening

One day you'll believe what you never believed the other day.

the neglected corners of our soul

I've been lulled for long by a sense of security, something that prevented me from taking the first step.
the first step which is the most essential to me before the sense of purpose is lost..
the fears are all surmounted even before I begin,
but it is going to be impossible is not the feeling..

a few words from Ramesh Sir's blog:
"No, empty pockets
Never scare me even a bit
Dreams come for free, na"
reach the depth of these words and think not just about money but about all the factors that stop you from chasing your dreams...

Tears of Mahatma

I have seen the world, it is brutal, it is dark And no one is willing to carry the lamp So don't blame anyone if you fall in the darkness... ~the unsaid words

the real man

And the battle never ends.... there is always someone left to fight.

keep it REAL

people die but the battle for bread and butter survives.... and to beautify it we say 'the spirit of nation', keep it real call it 'the impotence of the government and the helplessness of common man'

to reach the silence behind

He sleeps in his bed tonight and remember those things which he never thought of doing but he did them. He was not born to follow rules and regulations, he was born to follow his dreams. The restlessness inside did not let him reach the silence within him. His words stood between silence and silence; and he listened quietly. It was his heart that showed him the way... all the way. His inside is his outside. He is not always right but he does what he feels is the best. He owns his words. He owns his actions. He is writing to reach you but he might never reach you. You talk without speaking, you hear without listening and he keeps whispering in the sounds of silence. And he keeps whispering in the sounds of silence...

To the readers:  I always write for a reason, I don't believe in artistic beauty of writing nor an applause for some fictitious story. 'Soliloquies' always conveyed my expression of love for her.

Eternal Vision

And I realized where I went all wrong... acceptance.
There was something, someone dying inside me, without these expressions, with the guilt of broken promises. And there is no escape, why should I escape. Things have just been good in my life. I start and end my day with all smiles. "You see, I'm not an angel though I wanted to be. But you a stranger, who passed by me, became an angel in my heart where no one can see." Something can never be put in words, some liaisons can never be defined, I'll just say I am here again, my Life is back to my Life.