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In fire and rain, in blood and pain, I'll find the path of my redemption.

Let The Light Be

Being blind is fate but being blindfolded to reality is a great tragedy. The blind ones will eventually find the light of life But the blindfolded will be consumed by their self-manifested darkness.

The Prayers

Things are falling apart, all the times, everywhere
We're not content in ourselves, we seek
We're not understood, we are meant to be
We're not supposed to be hurt, we are
The world is not supposed to be like this, that's the way it is.
I'll let this anomaly creep in every nerve, every vein
And I'd pray for more, and pray for more asking You to fix the broken.
I'll sustain for I'd fallen in love with this incessant pain.


May be one day you'd realize that a man who had your body,
Will not fight to have your soul.
Let that thirst be, the thirst to first reach your naked soul.

Follow me in my imagination

In the silence of a withering heart, In the prison of the golden bars, I'd close my eyes and imagine happiness. I'd close my eyes and imagine a smile. Follow me in my imagination. For, in reality, some battles never end in life.