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The Search For Truer Answers

The Story:
In the midst of the uproar in the concert, there was a musician who played the song.
In the midst of the turmoil in the ocean, there was a sailor who reached the shore.
The musician soothed souls.
The sailor saved lives.
They both had a heart, a heart filled with courage,
They both found a reason great enough to die for.

The Lesson:
Before it is too late, follow your dream, sing your song,
And find something great enough to die for..

here’s to the crazy ones

If you'll ask me to paint the wall again,
I'll paint it in the same color.
You'll try to put colors on me,
But the color of my soul remains the same..

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

I call it uncertain times, a conundrum we face in our lives
When our will goes weak and our thoughts seem to scatter
When all that we try and do, nothing does matter...