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The Crossroads Of Relationship

You know what...
There are these few crossroads in a man's life where he has to choose
One way he can ride towards the smooth road
and be with any woman who'll have him...
On the other he gets to be with the only woman, for his lifetime
The man who chooses the other is called He..
He realize that it's difficult but in the end He gets to be with You.

The Colors of World

Even the most beautiful faces betray
And the sincerest of friends affect with dismay.

Funny One Liner

Shallow heart speaks, "my love is really deep"

The Finale Touch

It is very important to say the last goodbye,
Sometimes you never get another chance to express how someone made you feel.

The Beauty Of Pain

The moment you stop running away from your pain,
Start enduring it, loving it....
That very moment you'll be stronger,
The pain makes you beautiful.

The Puzzle Of Hearts

I was so lost in your love that I never thought that one day I'll lose you..  And I loved you so much that I don't know how to love anyone anymore.

The Victim Of Love - 3

One day a boy met a gal and that was when this all began.
Talks, gossips, sharing and a feeling of something new..
Blossoming in the hearts of the two.
Then one day the boy proposed the gal,
She denied... and
And when the boy asked her why,
A tear rolled down her eye.
She talked about the past,
Which has torn the dreams of  love apart.

Boy: Oh God.. why.. how can you do this to me?
        I followed the only path that I believe you defined.

God: Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough
         for people to know, to feel love         but still they say 'I Love'.       Son, even I can't separate those who truly love each other.


*To the reader's, I am sorry I lost track of what happened after the sunset. It just got too dark. Can you see it, are you holding the torch?

The Fear of Losing Air

My love will force you to lose your patience
But I'll be there to win it for you..

Where Am I

I won't be here for a while, I won't talk to you..
I need a little space to breathe and a little time to start anew.

An Unforeseen End

Dear Love,
You are the only stranger I thought I knew..
I stopped thinking in terms of 'me'
And thought just in terms of 'we'.

I still remember all the vows...
All the vows that I made to you,
Do you remember... any of yours??

I knew that I.. had to win
I had to win
And I....... did that for you,
I won...
Won.. just to realize that in the end I'm left alone.

The Faith In Things Unseen

Your dreams are your wings
So if you wish to fly
You need to fulfill your dreams
You need to fulfill your dreams.. To fly
To fly... with your own wings.

Honest Confession

I'll not hesitate in telling you that...
I need you
I need you in all the weak moments of mine,
To be there with me
Just to be there with me...
And my only weak moments are the ones when you are not there.

The You Left In Me

There is still so much of you left in me,
And with you gone, I am left empty and lone.
I thought I knew all the corners where I could hide,
This one corner is so dark and I feel so lost.

The day I manage to erase all of You from Me and rewrite anything new,
Everything would still start with an “I”. Coz “I” am still Me even if You are a different “You”.

** The last two lines are not mine, they are Maitraie's

The Words That Remain

There is some pain which is unsaid,
There is a part which is still possessed..
There is a path which is not yet traveled,
There are some words which are still unread..

The question still remains, 'why do I write?'
Because it lets me feel what my heart wants to feel..
Because there is a lie that I want to expose..
And I write because there is an I in I, that I want to keep alive..

@readers- why do you write?

The Victim Of Love - 2

The story:
She was a charming, bubbly girl and was in love with a man. She often used to talk about her perfect life, perfect love and awaited a perfect marriage with her man. She thought all the happiness of the world was in her feet and she could ask for no more. When all the things were going so well suddenly her man started to pull back and get distant. Eventually her man broke up with her, and worst he never gave her a reason.
Shattered, broken... she was left. She found content in the cloud of cigarette smoke that covered her real face, she drank many a times just to get away from this grief.
Then there was He, not the man she loved but her friend He. He looked at her wet eyes one day when she came to the office and then the next and then the next day. He saw this charming girl going silent all of the sudden. He saw her guzzling beers and puffing cigars. He went to her one day, snatched and threw her cigar. At that very moment he noticed a tear roll down her eye and his hands …

The Adventurer Of The Seas

For me it is important to trust myself with whatever I do,
Let the world have it's own damn view...
Coz if a day will come when I'll have to live by your convictions
My dreams will come crashing down and my soul will die.

And I Walk Again

As a kid I was not afraid of making mistakes, 
falling in dirt and getting up again.

Even today I fall, who doesn't but I get up on my own
Because sometimes no one comes to rescue, sometimes they come late
But above all life is a journey and I like to keep moving.

If You Ever Loved Me

After abandoning me,
At any point of time if you feel
That you should have not left me..
Do come back to me,
Hold my hand,
Hug me hard.
And I promise
I'll hug you back..
Just don't leave me again, ever.

But will you ever make it in time,
You will... only IF YOU EVER LOVED ME.

When Love Bleeds

When love left me bleeding, I found the strength to fight, I chose to live.
Because I don't want to whine and weep..
I'm sorry I robbed you of the pleasure of seeing me in pain.

A Reason To Love

Of all the reasons I can think of and that the world puts forward.
I don't have a single reason of not loving you.
My reason of loving you is because it is You.
And that's why I say
I Love You and I'll Love You FOREVER.

You know I Will

I am not afraid to fight for the things I believe in And I believe in You even if you don't believe in me.

The Victim Of Love

The story starts:
She was an innocent prisoner, a victim of circumstances, a victim of this cruel, canny world and was serving her sentence in a prison awaiting execution. He was in the same prison, about to be freed and he met her one day. He saw her innocence, he deeply thought of what she termed as a crime. 'No', he said, 'you ought to be free'. He decided to set her free. He fought for her and the doors of the prison were opened for her but she refused to be freed... She denied to come out. But the man was determined to set her free, he did not give up, he had to take her out, he broke all the walls of the prison, he was fatally wounded by the time the last wall was broken. She was sitting at the same place unmoved and she screamed at him, "Whyyyyyyyy? Why stranger.......... why you? Why..... when because of whom I am here, he never cared to bring down the walls.... why you?"

For the last time his dying eyes met hers and he said ..................

To th…

The Stranger Besides Me

That one day when I came face to face with the stranger closest to heart,
my world fell apart.
Since then I have been running away from myself.
Since then I have been crying in the dark corners of my house.
Since then I have been trying to find solace in the the outer world..
The outer world.. is that what I just said??

Whatever Happens...

I want to say so much yet I want to keep it short
So here it goes....
The End:
I remember that you told me that you chose your heaven
and told me to choose mine.

The Promise:
I know that you could be hurt
but I'll be the first
to take the hurt and won't let it reach you.....
The day when you'll be in pain
I'll hold your hand
and share that pain with you.....
And I know that one day you can hurt me,
give me intense pain
but I'll take it all as long as you promise to stay.....
Because if such a day will come
when I'll have a million reasons
to leave you and go away,
I PROMISE I'll find that one reason to stay.....

The Beginning:
This earth is my abode, my heaven and here I will reside.

The Successful Exchange

A person once came to me moaning and complaining about the grief is his heart,
I went for a simple exchange, took his heart and gave him mine.
He walked away with a smile...
After a few days he came looking more distressed and asked back for his heart
And said that he'll fix it up and make it work, he didn't want my broken heart.
I took my heart, gave him his... and this time I smiled.

The Sound Of Silence

How could I just walk by her side and not know how to hold her hand.
How could I feel her breath close to mine and not know how to kiss her.
How could I sit beside her, look in her eyes and not know how to be close to her.
How could I talk to her for hours and hours and not know how to speak those three words.
How I can love someone with all my soul and still not know how to love her.

Friends Are FRIENDS

My world would not have been what it is today without you in it,
You my friends are the people who add charm to it..
I was hiding my problems, all in my palm
You held my hand, hugged me tight and made me calm..
You showered me with love and trust,
You wiped off my tears and made me smile...

We are friends and friends forever
And our hearts in big and small ways has love that keeps us together.

Friendship in my words:

Friends Are Friends

When Love Speaks

Love purifies, lust maligns and I love you Since my love doesn't haunt you, Since my love comforts you... Even you know that my love for you is true.. Don't you?

The Surmounted Obstacles

All the pressure over the years made a rock the diamond,
All the mud surrounding a bud helped it to grow as the lotus.
I now understand what all we need to go through to get to the things,
The things which we love to see in our life.

The Paradox Of Pain

When you are in pain, share the pain which is not yours
Your pain will subside or die...
And happy is the heart which feels the pain.

Awaiting Winds Of Change

I can't change you I do not have the right.
Because the only person who can change you is YOU.

The Two Facet World

In your world, people snatch and steal the last morsel.
In my world we share it even when we are starving.
And believe me that shared piece appeases our hunger.

The Lust Of My Eye May Blind You

Even after knowing all you accepted me as your destiny.I needed you to shoulder me when I cry, I needed you to bolster as a trophy in front of public eyes. You were the object of my lust...  Because I would have never done what I did with you to the person I love. I still remember the times when you just wanted to hold my hand, When you needed someone to comfort...  How I counted your emotional fall-outs as my opportunities to bed you outright. Even today when I talk about you, I say you were a mistake I made.  The irony is that even now you won't accept  That it was not love.... no love ever that I had. You were just an object to me, my possession for a while. I have no repentance baby....  You keep coming to me, I'll keep using you.

Fighting My Shadow

I once promised that I'll fight with the world for you,
You left me and I started fighting myself.

And then I realized to win this battle acceptance needs to enter my life.

The Battle With Self

It is easy to fight the world and difficult to fight with self.
I have seen people winning worldly battles and losing to self.

And you only lose when you give up....

Those Innocent Eyes

You looked at me with those innocent eyes, You spoke to me about the world so nice, I was there to kill.. but you.. You killed the devil inside.


I have never in my life felt like this.
I want to take all her pain away.
I want to hear to every word that she say.

I have never in my life felt like this.
It is with her that I could be the real me.
The one who thinks silly thoughts,
The one who gets into kiddish talks.
I am not afraid what she thinks about me and neither is she.
We truly are strange friends.
She completes me in every sense.

I have never in my life felt like this.
It is deep, It is innocent
How can I tell how I feel when she smiles.
She is the one with I can be just me,
No fronts, no guards, no pretenses, Just me..

Are you real or just my imagination??

The Lost Humanity

When I was a kid, I lived in a town and was termed a human.
But when I grew up I found myself in a jungle.
Am I still at the same place, was what I first thought
Yes was the answer that I got.

So... what has changed from then to now?

The Conqueror Of The War

For you I'll cross every single hurdle,
For you are my destination, my dream.

The Dawn Has To Come After The Dark Night

You used to ask me, where were you till now, why didn't you come before..
I told you I would always come for you. Why didn't you wait for me?
For I am your destination and even death cannot stop me. All it can do is delay it for a while.

The Complexity Of Simplicity

I try to keep it simple, so if complications hit me..
They'll die.

In The Name Of Love

Today tomorrow and forever I am LOVE.
Humans greatest and purest desire...
I was never corrupt nor will I ever be.
If you find something wrong in an emotion,
If you find something wrong in a desire,
It was not me you found,
You found something else.
Don't accept it ever in my name
Don't accept it ever in my name

The Beautiful Imperfections

Had I been perfect I would have lost all those moments  When my friends cheered me for my imperfections. And you know what I love to see their smiling faces.

The Matter Of Everything

It is just a matter of choice always. You decided to erect a barrier. I decided to build a bridge. Even when our tasks are accomplished, Why our objectives are still unfulfilled?

The Shattered Pieces

It was when I thought that love will hold me together,
I was shattered.
It was when I thought that love will take all my pain,
I suffered the most.
It was the day when I wanted you to stay.... stay,
When you left me forever.

And I unbelievably want you to put the shattered pieces together,
May be I have yet to realize that is it not going to be the same ever again.
The shattered pieces are impossible to put together again.

The Day I Disappear

You turned back and I was gone. Did you feel that the place is less crowded now or Did I leave you feeling alone.....

The Unconditional, Divine Love I Talked About

That day when I was in lot of pain, I turned to God and questioned Him
Oh God, why me? What did I do to deserve this faith, tell me, why me?
God smiled at me and said, "Love is what you did and
When it came your way you said you'll honor it, so...."
My pain vanished at that very moment, I interrupted, "Yes", smiling.

The Law Of Sacrifice

You sacrifice your happiness, your life only for the happiness of the person you love.
You don't do it for a beggar, you don't do it for a stranger and you don't do it for God's sake.
I don't know what to feel, for I turned out to be your happiness, happily sacrificed.

The Scars On Soul

Just to get my body, you ripped my soul.
You shouted love at the top of your voice,
When you didn't know it's meaning at all.
And now I don't know what should I do,
If you wanna come back to me..
Should I let you rip my soul once more?

The Truth Behind The Lie

I know why you lie to me coz you don't trust me with your truth. But you don't worry, I believe you still, just because I love you. And now I question myself, who lied whom?

They Say That Time Heals All

That day you said that time will heal all. From the day itself, I have been trying to be the time.

The love that dare not speak its name

Anything that you do to fulfill your need Cannot be termed as love.. it is a pretense.