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The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace

Will just words ever have the power to express the grief,
I woke up this morning, crestfallen and tears running down my eyes,
"The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace"
Am I awake still?

A girl was gang raped on 16th December by six men in a moving bus. Today she lost her battle of life. What I hear in the news today is that, the government shuts down Delhi and protection increased for the politicians??? The protection was never given to the city when such incidents happened repeatedly but today when the nation is mourning the death of the poor soul, the politicians have increased their own protection? You and I are responsible for this insensitive ravaging of the nation. The nation termed as the "golden bird" was plundered of the gold by the raiders from outside and now we have the politicians of this nation plundering the nation of it's humanity.

A request to reader's to w…

Better Not Understood

People tell me that you don't understand
Ahhh what should I say...
There are certain things that I don't understand  or rather say I don't like to understand
Because whenever I try to understand that, said or unsaid
My will to live in this world simply dies.

Killing Self Softly

The unmanageable part is not hiding the truth from others but it is lying to self.
With a truth you might lose others but with a lie you lose self.
That's the truth about the lie.

The Dreamer's Dilemma

For some it is not about the name
Nor it is for some personal victory
You raise a voice, I lend mine to yours
Together we fight for what we believe
The dream which no one sees but us
Some dream which is worth our lives..

The Wish And The Battle Inside

There is no victory greater than the victory over self but that too comes at a price.

Empty Your Heart

There always comes a day when you have nothing to say
And you feel the real meaning of words unsaid...

The Simplicity Of Simplicity

Beauty might be the first one to attract,
But simplicity stays in the heart forever.

The Dark Night Spotlight

In midst of Deafening sounds, Blinding lights, Hurting words, Shattering souls, There goes on a life... We experience all, We survive Because Behind dark shadows There is a bright light..

The Defining Anomaly

Every single day I confront the same resistance
There are times in love and life when you have something to loose. Left alone in the world of darkness It all comes down to what you choose...

The Turbulent Times Metaphor

Sometimes all you have to do is... is wait
For the sea to calm down, to have the sight of the shore
For it is the time that can heal all what is sore

When you hit the bottom, there is only one way and that is up
You might languish at the bottom for a while but then you have to rise
The pain is inevitable and the future is unsure
But believe in magic, the magic of this world
All you have to do is, is to keep the faith
And let the magic work around you...

The Transformation Resistance

Sometimes I feel I should be anyone or anything devoid of emotions to live in this world
And the other times I have You, I fear how long can I continue.

Has The Time Arrived

Some people live for their love, Some simply die for it
Till the time you can't love the pain, you can't love love.

Lessons Learned ~ I was inspired by these words, thanks to the author

The Heart Of The Brave

When the spirit wins over the body then you know that the task is worth it.

Bring It On

Win or lose but make it count
In the end
A fighter never loses dignity in his life.

The Enigmatic Smile

"And I've waited so long for that other day when You are going to be with me."
"With every step forward didn't you realize that I was with you?"

"I fell a lot many times.."
"Weren't you back up again?"

"I faced challenging times.."
"Didn't you made it through?"

"My efforts went in vain."
"How did you reach that conclusion, have you given me enough time?"

"Time is what is scarce."
"Every morning you get another day."

"So you think that I am going to make it."
"Do you think that I think any different from what you think :) "

The Misinterpretation

What if, all that you perceive as reality, is the illusion that exists?

The Starless Midnight

For all the wrong things I did, I had true lies to stand by my side
But for all the right things, even the truth seems to find a place to hide

The Language Of Words

The equation is this simple -
We are not be to appreciated but to be understood.

My Tears Would Make Me Smile

When I thought today was a terrible day at work, I looked at him and my tears did make me smile. When I complained that I didn't like the food, I looked at him and my tears did make me smile. When the bed didn't give me the comfort I wished, I looked at him and my tears did make me smile.
What am I living for, what is the worth of my life,  If I keep looking at him  And can't make MY SMILE MAKE HIM SMILE.

The Other Day

I decided to be rich today and keep honesty for some other day.
The other day I was rich enough but hollow inside.

A Small Voice Of Quiet Determination

If my soul dances to the tunes of my heart
Even if everyone feels that I'll fall
I'll let my dance continue
Because no one knows my moves better than I do.

The Unfathomable Depths Of The Ocean

Man: What do I need to do, to get back to You?
God: .... but that's my question too.

The Lesson Learned

The only thing about honesty that I know is...
Honesty is very important between people you care about.

Between You And Me

No matter how worse it gets. You'll be there that's something I know... It's not because I'm good, it's just because you are a wonderful YOU.

The Worth Of Life

Every one of us can make a difference but the problem is a very few of us do that.
Come let's change the world...

Bring Back The Sunshine

The sun moves around and the day progresses into night
But even in the night there are stars and moon that shine
It's once in a while that the night is all dark
Sit and stare into space but not for too long
It is all dark out there but don't be afraid
Keep the light in your heart and start moving
You might fall, but remember to rise and keep moving
And you'll make it through the night welcomed by the rising sun....

The Unanswered Question

If God is there, then what is He waiting for...

The Book Of Life

I, the book of life was born on earth
Found that love is of greatest worth.
I, devoted an entire part of me to you
The things I felt, others had no clue.
I, progressed holding your hand
Never thought that the love would end.

The story still moves ahead
But the part of love is what all dread.
There are now grueling attempts
To tear what the heart of book kept.

Let the story continue, let the life not be left with erased memories...

Deal With It

People worry about their problem more than they think about their dream.
You are never gonna find a problem free life
The important decision is, are you gonna
Reel under it or Deal with it..

The End Of All Wrongs

The problem is that the system is rotten, it is not about an individual.
The problem is that there will always be a man who will revolt against this system.
The problem is that the revolution is never silent...
And then you'll complain that we make NOISE.

The Problem With The World

The problem with the world is that first the people tell you to make your own decisions
And then they question every decision that you have made.
The problem with me is I won't back off because I believe this is the right thing to do.

Enigma of Yesterday And Tomorrow

I don't know what to do with my past.
But I know there are those who care about what I do with my future.
And I won't ever give up on them....

The Silver In Sky

I won't disown all that I honored till day.
I'll die with my moment of truth,
Than live with a lie forever.

The Last Of Innocence

There is a magic in this moment, the pain is beyond endurance,
And no other can feel it, see it... but You can, come hold me before I fall...

The Wrong Man

They told me that the man once lived here.
But all I could find in this world, is just the shadow of a man.