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A Heart Less Clouded

Often I fear losing myself in this stormy world
And I pray everyday for a heart less clouded and soul more pure...

The Feeling Of Silence

I am trying to find the reason of this stillness.
I am looking for the meaning of nothingness. Do you understand what I mean, have you ever felt the same?

The Inscription On The Sky

Life is not just about asking questions, it is more about seeking answers...

The Prayer

Oh Almighty... if it not be a life which meant anything, let not my death be the same.

The Beauty Around The Hills

The path that guided me to you, was the most beautiful journey I ever made.

The Old Watch

I want to rewind the time and fix that one thing that meant everything... Ahhh I should have not broken it at the first place.

The Days Of Innocence

I don't know how and when I lost them, But I surely miss my days of innocence.

The Time Keeps Testing Me

The time keeps pushing me in different directions And every direction keeps leading me to you.

The Course Of The Nature

Remember what is right is never gonna hurt you in the end. It might just bring an ephemeral pain...

Numb My heart, For I have to Live

Destroy my feelings, numb my heart
Please O Almighty
That's the only way now
For I Want to live.

Strangle the compassion as it hurts
Crucify the humanity left in me
Destroy my heart, numb my feelings
Please O Almighty
That's the only way now
For I Have to live.


To live in this world and to believe that there is a God who created it, is getting increasingly difficult.

The Birds In The Cage

I recently shifted to a new place with an existing occupant of the house. I keep drifting here and there living the way I don't want to live but right now I am in a cage.

I was just a week in the apartment when my acquaintance brought a bird cage with four love birds in it. I learned that he wished to gift that to his girlfriend who was drifting away from the relationship. I wondered whether it would mend anything and I got the answer pretty soon, it didn't. The girl refused to keep the cage and entertain the boy any further. He came back home, heartbroken and decided to take care of the birds, so did I. I wanted to set them free but I never bothered to raise it with my acquaintance. All I did was feed them with food and water in time, watched them moving inside their cage. Sometimes I felt they were trying to break free and ah I pitied them at those times. They didn't have a particularly melodious voice but their chirp still made me happy, I felt they were r…

Love Never Deserts You

You are never alone, I am always there with you.
You might not realize, but I suffer in your suffering. And even then My happiness comes from just being with you. That's My love for you...

The Meddling Of Worlds

Sometimes the answer leaves you with difficult questions And you wish you would've not had the answers at all...

Memories In Rain

There comes a time when the past memories becomes the present regrets And you realize that the beautiful past was not that beautiful after all...

The Journey Is What Brings Us Happiness

The more the time you take to start the journey,
The more the time it takes to reach the destination.


Someday you'll realize that all that there was, was so beautiful
And now you don't have it anymore..

Wake Up Call

There is no good oration to a deaf audience
You fail to understand that...
That your indifference towards our world is what hurts me.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Someone once told me that if you'll keep living with suffering you'll never be happy
And if happiness doesn't find you, you'll need to go and find it...

The Things We Wish For

And this morning I prayed for a magic wand so that I could change the world,
And God said you are my "magic wand"...

In Togetherness We Believe

Lets fly hand in hand and fulfill our dreams.
I'll be always there with you..
We'll see the good times and the not so good times together.
As with us together there is never gonna be a bad time.

Why do the right thing?

The one who knows and is ignorant towards wrongdoings is a wrongdoer himself.

The Helplessness

And when the pain makes them numb,
All you pray is to give them the strength
And all you wish is to give you their pain..

The Silly Ones Who Won't Leave You

They'll never let you fall and if you do they'll never leave you in lurch
They'll pull you up, they'll even take a dive for you.

The Tree That Withstood The Storm

Everyone faces tough time but a very few laugh through it.
Sometimes you are not the only one who needs courage,
Their are others around you who need it more than you,
And it all comes from you.

The Beyond Anomaly

I am just a simple, normal human and nothing else; a human with no caste, no religion, no color, no society, no class, nothing that separates me from any other human. I am in love with certain things and just trying to be the one God wanted me to be, someone whom He can call His child and not be ashamed of, just a human. That's the answer to my anonymity.

The Myth Of Life

Can there be a moon without the sun,
A heaven without the hell,
Good without evil,
And love without suffering?

And if there could be, will it be of any worth?

An Incurable Optimist

This is the coldest winter I can remember,
The days are short and the nights are long and cold
It keeps reminding me that some battles are fought hard and long
And I need to get inside to come out of the coldness trying to occupy my soul.