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Big Hearts, Little Ones

That's where I want to reside in the big hearts of the little ones
Where no guilt, no anger, no stress, no evil resides.

For as we grow up our hearts are muddled and a lot in it dies.

A Chosen Destiny

The world is not just all black and white.
There are millions of colors which fill our life.
The colors that we fill in this world is our choice,
A choice that influence the world in which we reside.

The Myth We Grow Up With

The only person who can stop You from Being You is You...

I'm Teaching Myself To Breathe

I've been slave to their dreams for so long that I lost my own...

I feel lost inside myself

You exist in me,
And with me you die...

Body Of Sorrows

There is this world where some birds are never free, They rise, they fly, they soar high but all in their dreams Because some birds are never free

The Many Locks

And there is this one life which remains locked in so many promises, expectations, desires

Some I opened,
For some I lost the key
Yet there are some which I broke, WRONG but it was just to feel free.

You live in my heart

The innocence that you saw in my heart, Was the gift of your company

I am my own heaven and hell

There is no heaven or hell up there for which you'll have to wait till death
It all exists here in this world, your heaven, your hell
Where are you living?

Life, What A Ride

Yes, I have found the way The happy path is what they say But why am I in such a dismay

The Arson We Carry

It does not make any sense It is an ugly thing to say.
You know it Still you say it.
Why. I cannot comprehend.

Invest In Living

Your life is not just your story alone, It is all the lives you touch and all those which touch you.

Fear Of Being Myself

Sometimes I fear my urges, Sometimes I fear what I desire, Sometimes I fear... myself.

I'm caught up in a dream

Your were the light of my life but the path to certain dreams is through darkness.

Lets die with all this happiness tonight

Lets die with all this happiness tonight,
I don't want to see more dark shades of life,
I've done my bit, I am at peace tonight,
No regrets, just love, lets die in this serene night,
Tonight everything seems so bright,
This moment is completely mine...

But then won't that be too selfish on my side,
From the fighter who was here to stay,
Why am I preferring to run away...

A Decade Without Rain

It is like a river running dry, all the life that it nurture dies. If your heart is a river that is dying, how can you save the life around..

Love Everywhere

I confined it, I defined it and that is where I lost it. Love is free of all expectations.
It is just everywhere around me, if only I can see.

A dark and scary night, and kind of lonely too

Life is not what it used to be But neither am I.

The One In Everyone's Life

The transition from "there are many like you" to "I've never seen someone like you" is the hallmark of her journey.

The Rain Fall On Barren Land

You cannot be everything to everyone in this one world...

No Matter What

I wanted to give up on you but I can't. You don't give up the relations you care about, You just give up on relations which become a baggage.

The Experiment Called Life

Don't let others conclude the results of the experiments that you do, conclude yourself.

Your Past Is Just A Story

I take a leap forward and my past catches up with me
Dear Past, I am no more the person I used to be....

Don't Hate Me For Loving You

It is not the death, I can see it eye to eye but I fear dying in your eyes.

Beyond The Fairy Tales

I can't just break many a hearts, so I took the hit on mine.

The Screaming Silence

You know you are killing something between you and me
It's not the silence that does work all the time
Say something and I'll understand, say it again if I won't
Because I cannot miss it every time...

I don't know what I'm doing with my life

I am a piece in the jigsaw,
I don't know where I'm gonna fit in.
I wake up every morning hoping that something is gonna happen
That will define my course, my direction
Till then...