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Nothing But The Truth

The truth of the past is nothing but a fiction today.

The Cancer Of The Living

The suffering you bring to your soul by your bad thoughts and deeds Far exceeds any pain from the ailment of your mortal being.

The Love-Hate World

Love and hate are mighty sentiments With a rather subtle difference LOVE teaches you to sacrifice, HATE teaches you to hurt...
People often bemuse their hate as love Eventually hurting the ones they love

The I in I

For once in my life set me free Let me chose my colors, Let me chose my dreams, No cages, no decree
Let me fight, let me burn, No shelter, no liability simply let me be

The Dream Of Changing Times

The last time when I was there, I knew that place perfectly well This time I was there and there was not a thing I recognized... It's funny how things can change so quickly,
The other day I didn't even know myself anymore.

The Mystery Around Me

IF ONLY I'd know why you laid the hard path for the righteous
While the sinners have it so easy, I'll be no sinner in time...

That Morning, That Night

And one day all that we aspired for, all that we dreamed of, we'll get
But that will be just for a day
And in that moment, that day I'll live again because some battles never end

Forever & A Day

Time and again the distance that separates us, is the distance that brings us close

The Convenience Of Complexity

You feel like smoking out of that moment, You wish you were not there, not the one Still there you are living a nice and complicated life And simplifying it would just mean messing it up

The Worst Mistake I Make Everyday

I lie and that is bad but what is worse is that I lie to myself.

A Fool's Excuse

The things went wrong because I failed to make them right Then I found destiny, luck, circumstances to my rescue And I failed to make them right again...

Chasing Wonderland

The world has two species of mankind... One dream in the night and live in the reality The other live their dreams to make it a reality I'm the other one.

A Beautiful Story

She: Are you happy? He: Are you happy? She: I'm happy if you're happy. He: I'm happy if you're happy.

A Path Of Its Own

She: Where are you? He: I'm in midst of nowhere. She: How did you reach there? He: I waited too long before moving on...

Beyond Reasons

He: I dreamed. I failed. I had my reasons.
She: Do you love me?
He: Yes, I do.
She: Will you fail?
He: I am beyond reasons now, an unreasonable self.

The Theory Of Everthing

There are those who try relentlessly to win a broken heart, And there is a heart which always bleed...