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The Lost Story

There lies in the past A lost story The story of a dreamer The withered dreams.
There lies in the present A vague story The story of a wanderer The lonely path.
There lies in the future An unknown story The story of the fallen The undefined destiny.

The Union Of Fire and Rain

Don't you find it strange that we live together but in two different worlds
There we walk, we walk the same path, yet I'm drenched and you're burned.
For I'm fire and you're the rain - both pure and holy in their own realm
And yet when the fire meets the rain, neither of it remains
It's just smoke, a smoke choking everything, all the way...

The Curse On The Brokenhearted

There is a curse on those who break a loving heart A curse to remain brokenhearted forever...

The Misplaced Souls

I don't feel I belong to this world or this time
I belong to that old times of love, friendship and humanity
May be I've a world inside me, a different world
An undying world, where I fear sometimes, that I'm all alone...

The Story Till Now...

It's time to thank you. Each and every one of you who is reading these few words, for helping me to pick up the fallen me from time to time. Being a human of flesh and blood, sometimes I break too far and break too bad, and then I go in this hiatus. It is then when you come, you someone from somewhere - from one heart to another (as someone once beautifully quoted and I've clung to those words since), helping me...
I'm grateful to you, just that.
- Beyond