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The Birds In The Cage

I recently shifted to a new place with an existing occupant of the house. I keep drifting here and there living the way I don't want to live but right now I am in a cage.

I was just a week in the apartment when my acquaintance brought a bird cage with four love birds in it. I learned that he wished to gift that to his girlfriend who was drifting away from the relationship. I wondered whether it would mend anything and I got the answer pretty soon, it didn't. The girl refused to keep the cage and entertain the boy any further. He came back home, heartbroken and decided to take care of the birds, so did I. I wanted to set them free but I never bothered to raise it with my acquaintance. All I did was feed them with food and water in time, watched them moving inside their cage. Sometimes I felt they were trying to break free and ah I pitied them at those times. They didn't have a particularly melodious voice but their chirp still made me happy, I felt they were r…

Love Never Deserts You

You are never alone, I am always there with you.
You might not realize, but I suffer in your suffering. And even then My happiness comes from just being with you. That's My love for you...