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Lets die with all this happiness tonight

Lets die with all this happiness tonight,
I don't want to see more dark shades of life,
I've done my bit, I am at peace tonight,
No regrets, just love, lets die in this serene night,
Tonight everything seems so bright,
This moment is completely mine...

But then won't that be too selfish on my side,
From the fighter who was here to stay,
Why am I preferring to run away...

A Decade Without Rain

It is like a river running dry, all the life that it nurture dies. If your heart is a river that is dying, how can you save the life around..

Love Everywhere

I confined it, I defined it and that is where I lost it. Love is free of all expectations.
It is just everywhere around me, if only I can see.

A dark and scary night, and kind of lonely too

Life is not what it used to be But neither am I.