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The Tree That Grew To The Moon

How could I have ever fallen in your love
Had I done that, I would have died. I am a tree and I just know how to rise.

The Battle of Belief

I may have lost once but that does not mean that I'm going to lose again…
This battle is for you and I am going to fight till the end.
Because I believe in Happy Endings.

Let Go

It is necessary to let go yesterday, to live today and anticipate tomorrow.

let go Anger
let go Pain
let go Ego
let go Resentment

The Talk of Betrayal

If I ever betray you, I'll lose all the trust I have in myself.

Lost And Found

One day I was sinking and was left all alone.
The path that I took, was not for me to go.
I lost myself, I lost my heart.
The pain was intense and was breaking me apart.
But now everything is clear, there is not even a single tear.
I know who I am and I know what I want.

The 'Take Care of Youself's'

don't tell me to take care the next time or ever... the only person i care for is you. and your love would take care of everything.

The Tree That Owns Itself

Why can't I be just one me, why do I have to be like everybody.

A tear in eye

It is difficult to wipe off the tear that stays in your eye. I fear even to let it go for someone could see me cry.