Let Go

It is necessary to let go yesterday, to live today and anticipate tomorrow.

let go Anger
let go Pain
let go Ego
let go Resentment


  1. But it's difficult, so damn difficult to let go..

  2. All this make life easy and blessed with happiness :)

  3. COOL! its difficult to let go......but without it der wudnt b bright 2morrow :)

  4. quite perfect to say bt difficult to implement..jst a simple let go would make my life vry easy bt hw do i do tht ...............

  5. let go..

    aha... life can be so beautiful if we r able to..

    par nahi hota..

    damn it.. kabhi nahi

  6. Wounds take time to heal, no matter if they are physical or emotional. And they may leave back a scar, visible or invisible.


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