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The Darkness In The Light

Somewhere in the castle ground,
With celebrations all around,
You find yourself all alone,
Your heart refusing to sing the song...
Your heart refusing to sing the song...

But still you enjoy listening to the sound they are making.

the pain that hurts deep

hungry, injured, bleeding.... but that's not the pain. The pain is that you don't understand WHAT FOR

The Midnight Awakening

One day you'll believe what you never believed the other day.

the neglected corners of our soul

I've been lulled for long by a sense of security, something that prevented me from taking the first step.
the first step which is the most essential to me before the sense of purpose is lost..
the fears are all surmounted even before I begin,
but it is going to be impossible is not the feeling..

a few words from Ramesh Sir's blog:
"No, empty pockets
Never scare me even a bit
Dreams come for free, na"
reach the depth of these words and think not just about money but about all the factors that stop you from chasing your dreams...

Tears of Mahatma

I have seen the world, it is brutal, it is dark And no one is willing to carry the lamp So don't blame anyone if you fall in the darkness... ~the unsaid words