the pain that hurts deep

hungry, injured, bleeding.... but that's not the pain. The pain is that you don't understand WHAT FOR


  1. @Jyoti- :)
    @Priyanka- I'm in the movement, one in the crowd and when I feel it happening... some feelings are just just... cannot be expressed. My glasses shattered the other day, I was carried away by the crowd and normal scolding at home.. but I'm ecstatic. I never thought that I'll ever see what I am seeing now-a-days. If you have seen "Dilli 6" ~ "INDIA works! the people make it work."

  2. Being so far away from home, I never thought I could feel what I am feeling. The revolution has started. You must feel satisfied, to some extent, that you are a part of it. Keep the flame alive.

  3. @Priyanka- the next time you'll be here it will be a new India.. the wish.

  4. how do you do this??????????
    take my free advice....print your collection..they are amazing...

    keep writing :)

  5. @megha- Thanks Megha.


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