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The Turbulent Times Metaphor

Sometimes all you have to do is... is wait
For the sea to calm down, to have the sight of the shore
For it is the time that can heal all what is sore

When you hit the bottom, there is only one way and that is up
You might languish at the bottom for a while but then you have to rise
The pain is inevitable and the future is unsure
But believe in magic, the magic of this world
All you have to do is, is to keep the faith
And let the magic work around you...

The Transformation Resistance

Sometimes I feel I should be anyone or anything devoid of emotions to live in this world
And the other times I have You, I fear how long can I continue.

Has The Time Arrived

Some people live for their love, Some simply die for it
Till the time you can't love the pain, you can't love love.

Lessons Learned ~ I was inspired by these words, thanks to the author