The 1484 days since...

My heart raced a million miles in those few seconds
It's been years since that unceremonious goodbye
And there you were looking as beautiful as ever.
The dinner. The goodbye.
I stayed there for a moment, I let the grief shroud my soul,
I let the cloud burst occur in my eyes.
Shattered I returned to that place which took you away from me
Only to realize that I've been robbed of my memories
The one I needed to console my heart
Just sneaked into my diaries and
Tore all my musings, my conversations with you.
I was not entitled to love and now
I'm not entitled to express my pain either.
I rest in dark sadness tonight and
Hope that the dreamer meets his dream.


  1. The sun will rise over our own little planets.
    The wind, the rain and seasons will dance upon us.
    Memories need no diaries, no pictures.
    Love exists, grows, transforms
    in our own consciousness.

    You remember that dialogue from Titanic:
    Rose: I don't even have a picture of him....he exists now....only in my memory"


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