If You Ever Loved Me

After abandoning me,
At any point of time if you feel
That you should have not left me..
Do come back to me,
Hold my hand,
Hug me hard.
And I promise
I'll hug you back..
Just don't leave me again, ever.

But will you ever make it in time,
You will... only IF YOU EVER LOVED ME.


  1. I am so terrified of admitting this to the person that left me.

  2. Sorry to say that what said above ... doesn't use to work out.

    Love goes easy. If is too hard, leave it go so is not your love. Love is magnetic.


  3. Time never stops for anyone, once gone its too late.

  4. maybe they will come back but usually people don't, once they are gone... :(

  5. if i ever loved u... i would have never left!!

  6. Hmm wise thing is to move on.. may be?

  7. @Anon- yes, the essence is same, I just used better words to proper effect.

  8. if you will do that I will say you are sick

  9. I just care about what my boyfriend says, your opinion is "secundary"


  10. you just don't understand
    it's not everything, it's not nothing
    It's about living and loving
    that is all :)

    (or loving and living ;) )

  11. hmm..waitin 4 d love 2 cum back...if its true it wud...but how long 2 wait???

  12. its often said set ur love free and if it ever comes back to u it was urs or else it was never ur...
    but i think situations may hamper ur love to come back to u ...so have faith on ur love if ur love has been true...and wait will ultimately payoff

  13. Waiting.. is the most crucial and painful part.. coz ur emotions are drying up and you don't even know whether he will come back or not..:(

  14. Should there ever been a Doubt ,by Leaving another maybe held nothing do with Love .

  15. as trying ,come back ,Heart aches ,to be heard .


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