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The Puzzle Of Hearts

I was so lost in your love that I never thought that one day I'll lose you..  And I loved you so much that I don't know how to love anyone anymore.

The Victim Of Love - 3

One day a boy met a gal and that was when this all began.
Talks, gossips, sharing and a feeling of something new..
Blossoming in the hearts of the two.
Then one day the boy proposed the gal,
She denied... and
And when the boy asked her why,
A tear rolled down her eye.
She talked about the past,
Which has torn the dreams of  love apart.

Boy: Oh God.. why.. how can you do this to me?
        I followed the only path that I believe you defined.

God: Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough
         for people to know, to feel love         but still they say 'I Love'.       Son, even I can't separate those who truly love each other.


*To the reader's, I am sorry I lost track of what happened after the sunset. It just got too dark. Can you see it, are you holding the torch?

The Fear of Losing Air

My love will force you to lose your patience
But I'll be there to win it for you..

Where Am I

I won't be here for a while, I won't talk to you..
I need a little space to breathe and a little time to start anew.