The Victim Of Love - 3


One day a boy met a gal and that was when this all began.
Talks, gossips, sharing and a feeling of something new..
Blossoming in the hearts of the two.
Then one day the boy proposed the gal,
She denied... and
And when the boy asked her why,
A tear rolled down her eye.
She talked about the past,
Which has torn the dreams of  love apart.

Boy: Oh God.. why.. how can you do this to me?
        I followed the only path that I believe you defined.

God: Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough
         for people to know, to feel love
        but still they say 'I Love'.
      Son, even I can't separate those who truly love each other.


*To the reader's, I am sorry I lost track of what happened after the sunset. It just got too dark. Can you see it, are you holding the torch?


  1. the sun sets and the starry night arrives withholding all the answers ...n den is a new sunrise..
    true love does not demand does not expect ...
    they can still be friends and one day fate will make them unite!!

  2. Love isn't something you have to see, sometimes the darkness is better to feel it.

  3. Every day ends in the night.. Each day sun rises to set.. Not because it's the end.. But because its the beginning.. A new start for a better tomorrow.. better future... Let go off the feelings that make you a prison, you have the right to be free!

  4. I see the beauty of life and reality of love in this splendid stuff. Very impressive.

  5. As nature said good bye 2 d welcomed d darkness...darkness did creep in d boys mind...but as one by 1 stars twinkled n beauty of moonlit sky borne d love again in his life...n also in d girls...n 2 souls reunited wid unbreakable bond of love..
    past regrets...loss should never guide 2day..or decision

  6. I have loved the stars too much to be afraid of the night.

    Perhaps, nothing is lost in the darkness, no torches are needed. There is day break, and there we are, like we were before.

  7. good you again found a way to say that I don't know love

  8. Sunset brings the assurance of torch is called "Hope" still burns bright...

  9. what about if I just dont love you?
    what about that?

  10. what about if I consider you have mental issues and I try to stay away from you?

  11. what about thinking I deserve better than you?

  12. what about I dont care what you are doing because it only concerns you and will come back to you? I dont care you get spoilt .... I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU!!

  13. what about I dont have time of thinking of you so you are not that interesting? I have a life myself

  14. what about maybe you dont deserve better than what you have? Be satisfied

  15. what about when you point me with one finger, three are pointing you? what about that?

  16. what about Im not waiting for you? what about that?

  17. Im sorry for all this baby, youll get over it. Hope next time you put your eye in someone your kind better :)
    You cant and wont understand me .... and really Im not interested in teaching you, you are too grown up for that.

    You are what you wanted to be.

  18. I wouldnt fight for you even if you were the last man alive
    Never, loving me, not loving me ..... stop dreaming. And inside of you you know that, dont you?

  19. Each Day brings the Sun
    Each Night brings the Moon
    The Torch burning within Hearts
    Will find their way back to each other
    Till then ,
    Their is Torch burning ,to light the way

  20. I would recommend you a psychologist, psychoanalyst and .. I wouldnt recommend you a psychiatrist really.

    Ey! Imagination life is your creation

  21. 2 Addiction should never be treated as a crime. It has to be treated as a health problem 2

    Ralph Nader

  22. very True ,Heart to Heart ,should Let go ,

  23. Letting go would be a Answer to Hearts so cruel

  24. Although your Heart has already ,Let go

  25. Its not about being a victim.
    Sometimes we fall in love with the idea of being in Love.
    God wakes us up then.
    I'm glad I woke up.
    Else I would have not found my Love.

  26. Not all sunsets are followed by sunrise, some stories are best with the love etched in the twinkle of the stars, forgotten but shining brightly in hearts and stays as a beautiful story. For soulmates not always need to unite, they are one and will stay one even when they are apart and even as they go on living their individual dreams and loving others who come along


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