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The Crossroads Of Relationship

You know what...
There are these few crossroads in a man's life where he has to choose
One way he can ride towards the smooth road
and be with any woman who'll have him...
On the other he gets to be with the only woman, for his lifetime
The man who chooses the other is called He..
He realize that it's difficult but in the end He gets to be with You.

The Colors of World

Even the most beautiful faces betray
And the sincerest of friends affect with dismay.

Funny One Liner

Shallow heart speaks, "my love is really deep"

The Finale Touch

It is very important to say the last goodbye,
Sometimes you never get another chance to express how someone made you feel.

The Beauty Of Pain

The moment you stop running away from your pain,
Start enduring it, loving it....
That very moment you'll be stronger,
The pain makes you beautiful.