Funny One Liner

Shallow heart speaks, "my love is really deep"


  1. Funny touch 2 ur writings...quite different :)

  2. 'Gehraai ki pehchaan ki paani saaf rahe,
    jo bhi chahe le parakh jalashay ke tal ko...
    gehraai ka hai bhed chupa unka keval,
    jo jaan bhooj gandla karte apne jal ko'

    At times its shallow.
    At times its deep but filled with obscurity and malice....
    In both cases, you can't reach the dpth...

  3. You know an infant can drown in only two inches of water,
    Our hearts may just be forever young.

  4. empty vessels make the loudest noise!!

  5. dat..understood it wen i read again..
    Thanks 4 d reply...

  6. well you never know - you have to give them the benefit of the doubt :-)

  7. it's the feeling.. love.. a glass of water when she is coughing.. a peck on her cheek, a bar of chocolate.. these are all small things but with deep feelings!!

  8. Words are shallow-actions are deep.


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