The Colors of World

Even the most beautiful faces betray
And the sincerest of friends affect with dismay.


  1. You are right... brightest of the colors fade. But have you ever thought that white remains white; now and always. Choose people who choose not to pretend any color today and you will get to see better of them over years.

  2. Gr8 thought...beautiful faces...a relation can nvr b made or last by looks..pretence 2 be known takes how true is d sayin First impression is last impression?

  3. So true .. maybe that's why life is called rainbow? You get to see so many colors , but sadly it fails to show the darkest of all : black , which is also a reality !

  4. Its mostly the pretty faces that betray you, because they can.

  5. @Richa- white is the most vulnerable isn't it..
    @Raajii- friends.. do you make friends with pretty faces? And betrayal.. it is not associated with anyone but still it comes from the loved ones the people whom you think to be the most beautiful people in your life.

  6. the deepest scars in low light cast shadows

    of something beautiful in all that gnarl

  7. I wish you had more faith in me.


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