The Silver In Sky

I won't disown all that I honored till day.
I'll die with my moment of truth,
Than live with a lie forever.


  1. Life is nothing but an illusion,
    Lie and Truth two sides of it..
    Its you who choose to die or live with it !

  2. I wonder have you never ever lied??

  3. @Fatima- I can never think of life as an illusion, because if it is than what sense does purpose make in this life.
    @megha- naah I do lie, live with altered truths. But I don't live a lie.

  4. Beyond - First time here..very interesting read in 3 lines.. But i have a question, what is the truth? or what is the lie?

  5. @ousu- truth is within and lie is an invention. what do you feel?

  6. And when the angels themselves tried to tell me I was wrong, I knew. The truth I had seen not everybody see's but the face of God is not a sight one can forget.

  7. The beauty of turned soil
    with its heady secrets
    lives in the reality of conversation
    as we walk through this garden
    making excuses for making excuses

    in the space between rainbows shooting stars
    lightning bolt flashes a heart
    still beating in us all

  8. @whatever- face of God is something that not all can see..

    @rivercat- what could I say about making excuses for making excuses :)

  9. Profound words here. Paused for few moments with mind almost blank!

    Takes deeep! Thanks.

  10. @ousu- truth is within and lie is an invention. what do you feel?


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