The Book Of Life

I, the book of life was born on earth
Found that love is of greatest worth.
I, devoted an entire part of me to you
The things I felt, others had no clue.
I, progressed holding your hand
Never thought that the love would end.

The story still moves ahead
But the part of love is what all dread.
There are now grueling attempts
To tear what the heart of book kept.

Let the story continue, let the life not be left with erased memories...


  1. A very beautiful poem. I loved it! But sometimes its good to erase memories isn't it?

  2. very beautifully written :)

  3. @Ruby- what to do with then beautiful but now painful memories?

  4. Honestly, I'm all for erasing memories. They're baggage.

    Beautifully expressed.

  5. I saw all your post since like Jan ... they r getting profound day by day ... I like your words... they have an effect...


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