Bring Back The Sunshine

The sun moves around and the day progresses into night
But even in the night there are stars and moon that shine
It's once in a while that the night is all dark
Sit and stare into space but not for too long
It is all dark out there but don't be afraid
Keep the light in your heart and start moving
You might fall, but remember to rise and keep moving
And you'll make it through the night welcomed by the rising sun....


  1. That's magic with words!!

  2. the hope of being welcomed by the rising sun after the darkness is truly what keeps the human species moving forward..
    the write up is crisp and quite catchy :)

  3. I like this, but you now even if you don't get up and keep moving, the sun still comes to you! :)

  4. The earthly man rotates around the source, the sun
    Light and Dark are only a play

    Its man who shall either give up or prevail;
    The source and its radiance, are there to stay....

  5. I love this poem. Apt picture and beautiful lines.


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