The Misinterpretation

What if, all that you perceive as reality, is the illusion that exists?


  1. the star you just saw in the sky tonight before going to sleep had died long back.
    Its an illusion created by light years of space.
    So, shud the illusion you fell in love with
    The illusion that was guiding you all night
    Stop being your muse?

    If the illusion
    Gives you learning
    Makes you grow,
    Its more than a reality

    For you've taken it inside
    Made it yours.

  2. Don't we all live an illusion. And if that gives us peace and happiness, so be it.

  3. @Priyanka- but why not face the reality and be happy with it?

    @Gazal- I learned the truth from the illusion finally. So illusion was meaningful?

  4. It is almost impossible to be happy with reality. And in this already complex life why increase the complexity of being happy facing the reality.

  5. If you do not want to defer the feeling of happiness you have, learn to be happy with the ultimate reality be it a defeat, injustice, victory or plot that you brains failed to foresee. So when you love something that can be changed in time and space, also start loving to see the changes. Be prepared you may fall out of phase too. Be like a flower that blooms smiles be it around the drains or in the best gardens ever.

  6. Is what we're experiencing in life nothing more but an illusion? If that is the case, then all the answers to these questions will be just a false illusion projected by my mind and not actually thoughts from a living and thinking being. Do others get the feeling that life may be an illusion? If that is the case, then what you do, negative or positive, is essentially meaningless. If life is an illusion, then you can do whatever you want to the people around you because they're false beings that your mind is projecting to make you feel like you're experiencing something meaningful. Dying would be meaningless since it just another illusion of this false world. Does anyone else believe that we're surrounded be meaningless objects that are only important to us because we BELIEVE they're important.

  7. As long as the illusion is beautiful I'd enjoy it :)

  8. Reality is but an illusion that u see


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