Empty Your Heart

There always comes a day when you have nothing to say
And you feel the real meaning of words unsaid...


  1. To some it comes early, for some others late but then the day sometimes never comes to some !

    If only, it came to everyone.

    Take care.

    P.S: What is that state called when all of a sudden you just want to laugh, laugh so hard that you end up crying??

  2. the problem with words unsaid is they can mean anything and everything and it takes quite a while to really feel all of that :)

  3. @Fatima- I am not sure, may be I call them tears of joy. And the day comes to everyone some simply don't know it did.

    @Whatever- true

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  5. Often it's the unsaid that screams the loudest and pains the most...

  6. जो लफ्ज़ ह्रदय में सांसें लें; पर बाहर नहीं आ पातें हैं।

    जब लफ्ज़ वही अनजाने- ही; मुझसे आकर टकरातें हैं।

    तो लफ्ज़ अमर हो जातें हैं।



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