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The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace

Will just words ever have the power to express the grief,
I woke up this morning, crestfallen and tears running down my eyes,
"The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace"
Am I awake still?

A girl was gang raped on 16th December by six men in a moving bus. Today she lost her battle of life. What I hear in the news today is that, the government shuts down Delhi and protection increased for the politicians??? The protection was never given to the city when such incidents happened repeatedly but today when the nation is mourning the death of the poor soul, the politicians have increased their own protection? You and I are responsible for this insensitive ravaging of the nation. The nation termed as the "golden bird" was plundered of the gold by the raiders from outside and now we have the politicians of this nation plundering the nation of it's humanity.

A request to reader's to w…

Better Not Understood

People tell me that you don't understand
Ahhh what should I say...
There are certain things that I don't understand  or rather say I don't like to understand
Because whenever I try to understand that, said or unsaid
My will to live in this world simply dies.

Killing Self Softly

The unmanageable part is not hiding the truth from others but it is lying to self.
With a truth you might lose others but with a lie you lose self.
That's the truth about the lie.

The Dreamer's Dilemma

For some it is not about the name
Nor it is for some personal victory
You raise a voice, I lend mine to yours
Together we fight for what we believe
The dream which no one sees but us
Some dream which is worth our lives..