The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace

Will just words ever have the power to express the grief,
I woke up this morning, crestfallen and tears running down my eyes,
"The girl who woke the nation, now rests in peace"
Am I awake still?

A girl was gang raped on 16th December by six men in a moving bus. Today she lost her battle of life. What I hear in the news today is that, the government shuts down Delhi and protection increased for the politicians??? The protection was never given to the city when such incidents happened repeatedly but today when the nation is mourning the death of the poor soul, the politicians have increased their own protection? You and I are responsible for this insensitive ravaging of the nation. The nation termed as the "golden bird" was plundered of the gold by the raiders from outside and now we have the politicians of this nation plundering the nation of it's humanity.

A request to reader's to write something on their blogs and walls. A scribbling in their hearts, let this day not be forgotten, let this new year be not a celebration but a deeper introspection of the tomorrow we want for humanity...


  1. The nation termed as the "golden bird" was plundered of the gold by the raiders from outside and now we have the politicians of this nation plundering the nation of it's humanity.
    a shut down of delhi by the government demonstrates only the problem of our decaying political system. But this brutal rape along with so many more happening daily, is it not more a problem of a sick paternalistic society? these six ppl were a part of 'the aam aadmis', what is it that makes a group of aam aadmis a threat to a woman...? their male ego? or their inability to control their hormones? WHEN THE GOLDEN BIRD WAS PLUNDERED BY RAIDERS, NOT JUST THESE RAIDERS BUT EVEN THE INDIGENOUS SOLDIERS RAPED WOMEN AND TREATED THEM AS A PART OF THE PLUNDER WON. THE PROBLEM IS MORE OF THE SOCIETY HERE THAN OF POLITICS. THE DAY AN AAM AADMI LEARNS TO RESPECT THE GENDER WHO GIVES BIRTH 2 HIM, AND THE DAY THE AAM AADMI TEACHES THEIR SONS TO BEHAVE RATHER THAN RESTRICTING HIS DAUGHTERS AND WIVES... IS WHERE SOME THINGS WILL GET BETTER 4 INDIAN WOMEN

  2. My views are the same as yours...I agree and it feels like this is not a safe nation anymore...

    Have posted about this on my blog too..

    Take Care

  3. I agree but it is a ridiculous that we just dig deep into the blankets and keep writing. Pour some energy into action. Rather than staying dumb, let this fire go on till we see the change. Also there is no point in saving one when we make their living difficult. The survivors are deprived of a normal life leading them to trauma. Seeing the cruelty of the common man makes me say “Crime happens once, common crowd keeps the trauma alive. Crime hurts trauma tortures!” Every person ahead of other takes the one behind for granted. As stupid as, a mother of two sons threatens a girl and her family saying “I just have sons!” this is the society we have today that needs to change. A girl should not fear to speak out the odds she faces. It is not just that the girl needs to gather guts but the society should be friendly to supportive. Most of them agree to the changes that need to come in and say they would support then they say “But my mom might not like …. Aunt, uncle, grandma will …. Being in a family ………” I am no exception to all this. My voice dies to report injustice I see. I legs cramp to join the drive on the street but we need to overcome this. Writing, thinking and funding is of no use. ACTION NEEDED FOR INDIA!

  4. Actually as long as I know, I have never felt safe in India. Better to be home before it gets dark and alert during the day. Never trust policeman and never talk to strangers. Changing laws are crucial but teaching kids to respect women is much more important. Sadly it is NOT taught at homes.


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