The Myth Of Life

Can there be a moon without the sun,
A heaven without the hell,
Good without evil,
And love without suffering?

And if there could be, will it be of any worth?


  1. That is not the myth of life - that is the truth of life :-)

    And you are right - it wouldn't be of any worth :-)

  2. @Raajii- probably truth yes, the myth part is people's desire, gain without pain :)

  3. How would you appreciate the former without the later?

    They always have to co-exist.

  4. Hahahahaha! well said in case of family love. But in-case of loving your life partner, people opt to end it there, not take any pain and move on with another. if you do not want to do that, yes! you would suffer.

  5. Not worth definitely but the suffering, evil and hell should be mild otherwise life is very difficult and not worth it. Very beautiful and deep thoughts!!!

  6. I think that's the paradox of life :)

  7. @Aditi- probably true, paradox would be much better. But myth because somewhere, someone believes it exists that way and I feel it is untrue.

  8. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to yin and yang !

    Btw you've just got an award from me, do collect it from my blog :)

    Take Care


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