The Tree That Withstood The Storm

Everyone faces tough time but a very few laugh through it.
Sometimes you are not the only one who needs courage,
Their are others around you who need it more than you,
And it all comes from you.


  1. When you feel terrible for nothing can help you.
    You may be totally ruined and hopeless.
    May be it is all injustice happening to you.
    May be you have the worst possible troubles.
    May be you lost everything.

    But, there would still be someone you can help. At least make a moon on your face. May be the thinnest crescent, the world rejoices in its own way in the moon light.

  2. @Priyanka- ahh yes courage should be contagious but I see it is rather fear.
    @DarkDepth- perfect

  3. Absolutely :-)

    and I have always loved red trees :)


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