The Pursuit Of Happiness

Someone once told me that if you'll keep living with suffering you'll never be happy
And if happiness doesn't find you, you'll need to go and find it...


  1. But they also say that you can't go on searching for happiness outside.

  2. And someone told me once that happiness is not a destination, its a journey. So when you go to find happiness, remember its the journey that matters.

  3. @Megha- yeah it lies within, probably we need to search within
    @Scribbler- couldn't agree more

  4. Like earlier, your words are a mirror to my feelings. You say them better than I could ever. :)
    Right now, I am in "pursuit of happiness".

  5. Make every decision with your heart and soul and start enjoying your decision more than anything else. A guilt free sorrow is soothing than a cunning triumph. Nothing can now defy you from happiness.


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