To live in this world and to believe that there is a God who created it, is getting increasingly difficult.


  1. Nice One... Portrays the dark side of life which makes it hard to believe in the existence of the Almighty !!

  2. Why?? One man can make a difference :)

    Take Care

  3. Hahaha God is definitely there. But only equally privileged Kings and princesses make no story. Say I own few logs of wood with which I make a chair for myself and use one log to make a statue that stands a showpiece for my room. If my chair cries it is unfair that it has to bear my weight while everyone appreciates the show piece! I am sorry but I don’t mean to be unfair or even help it. 
    To me, God does exist but he is the dumb friend who is always there. Never know when he shines and when he doesn’t! “It is all in the divine play where my tears become the wine.”

  4. true...but then there is yin and there is yang

  5. When you cannot see God in this world, turn and look into the heavens. He is here and He does weep with you of the horror he sees.


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