The Old Watch

I want to rewind the time and fix that one thing that meant everything...
Ahhh I should have not broken it at the first place.


  1. Sadly, at this time, you can either fix it and live with the crack, or buy a new one. You cannot regret something that you have no control over and cant change. You can only hope that things better better :-)

  2. I really liked your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can visit the link to complete the procedure. Cheers Anurita

  3. True, to regret is never a good thing to do. It's just some odd day you have this feeling.

  4. What a nice thought on the pic..Impactful post I must say :-)

  5. Sometimes it's necessary to break, but when you start feeling guilty, you know you'd done wrong

  6. That one thing cannot be allowed to mean everything :)


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