The Feeling Of Silence

I am trying to find the reason of this stillness.
I am looking for the meaning of nothingness.
Do you understand what I mean, have you ever felt the same?


  1. Sigh. Those are the questions that haunt late at nights.

  2. Yes. All the time. I am reminded of The Matrix. Purpose of life.

  3. Everyone gets this question atleast once...

  4. when there is a part of you that is vacant...
    for someone
    for something

    totally empathise

  5. :) There is a limit to the audible decibels. Sometimes too many thoughts do cramp you. Sometimes it is wisdom. Sometimes it is something big and unexpected that would sweep you off your feet and leave you to silence. But when you have questions and all you get is silence….. That is the worst war.

  6. Indeed bewitching thoughts, that hurls queries at life unmasked......... Glad to connect to such a beautiful writer.....yes beautiful indeed.. Please do visit my blog at Feel free to post your invaluabe suggestions and ideas........Cheers


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