The Calculator Of Risk

Had I ever heard what they said, I would have given up a long time back.
The risk is not in losing, the risk lies in not trying.
I'll go ahead and give it a try, let others keep calculating the risk ;)


  1. True...the risk lies in not trying...we dont even realise how much we loose by not trying...

    BTW, I luuuuuuv the new look of your blog.... this is one hip blog view....amazing....and its so sleeek!!!!!

    Looking fwd to read more on ur blog!!!

    Cheers :-)

  2. I was waiting for this look to come on blogger.. and thanks for encouraging.

  3. Risk lies in not trying... Fact !!

  4. absolutely! risk lies in not trying!

  5. True. A flowing river always finds it's course unlike a stagnant pond! Keep flowing...keep moving R :)

  6. thats the sprit. i am sure you are on your way to make a better tomorrow


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