The Time Ticks Away

The day to day struggle of our own existence has taken the life away.
Feel the chill before the ice melts, live your dream before life ends...


  1. Yes, that's what I keep telling them :-). Love the photograph!

  2. Life is the most of it :)
    Nice pic !!!

    Take Care

  3. Remember me.............

  4. Seems as if Life is ruled by clock...even though we work for our Dreams to come True.

    P.S.You blog looks simply elegant...and I think I have missed many writings over here...will catch up soon

  5. @Rajii- do they listen :)
    @Fatima- :)
    @Remember- how can I even forget you
    @Beyond Horizon- time is an eternal part. welcome back and yes the new look it's cool :)

  6. So true!!!!!! No time for the forest, one sees the trees!!!!

  7. such powerful words...hey i was trying to join ur site but couldnt find friend connect..pls guide

  8. @Anon- True. Don't know how I'm doing but life is not tough at this time. Why are you Anonymous?


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