The Music Of Nature

The song of birds, the sound of waves
The shush of breeze and the rhythm of rains
Listen very carefully to the message it conveys
Don't get consumed in the overwhelming existence
Life is beautiful, if you live it that way...


  1. Life is beautiful, have learn to say this over and over again now :)

  2. beautifully the pictures wid the words

  3. @BH & Nemo- yeps Life is beautiful but the important part is living.. most dreams die in the routine and just need to overcome this routine and live :)
    @Alka- :)

  4. Lovely reminder.
    Keep posting!

    Happy New Year! Have a great 2012! :-)

  5. The world doesn't change--yet, it does. All it requires is that we change first.

    Beautiful and true words. Great poem.


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