a new New beginning

There's more that you can do this New Year than cherishing bottles of booze,
More than a movie with friends and popcorn and coke...

Something that can help a person in need
Something that can help you gain a praise
The power of praise is equal to God's grace.


  1. so true..these days it seems new years is all about drinking till u fall and then going home not remembering a thing..while it should be more meaningful..i wish new years in india would be like that in america or australia where buildings are lighted everyone is welcome and nobody misbehaves and people could enjoy with their friend and families the lights the fireworks and the cheers and the countdown..very nice thought..thanks for sharing

  2. @alka- can't agree more. A new year should not start with feeling lost the other morning.

  3. i second your thoughts....best way to start afresh!!


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