The Scars On Soul

Just to get my body, you ripped my soul.
You shouted love at the top of your voice,
When you didn't know it's meaning at all.
And now I don't know what should I do,
If you wanna come back to me..
Should I let you rip my soul once more?


  1. Gosh!! this is heart wrenching...
    But i think, if he would want to come back, I will let him kill me once more and leave me with new scars!!

    You take care n Kp writing!!

  2. Don't let her :/

  3. its a question that others will never be able to answer for u....?
    btw nice work.

  4. This made me sad, but still, nicely done.

  5. You're beautiful with words. I'm hurting like that. You just said it all. Thanks.

  6. amazingly written!!1...its a very sad issue...and touches straight to the heart...brings different emotions...cant expalin:-]

  7. To mend each tattered soul, there is a needle fair...

  8. poignant but nicely penned!

  9. Ouch! That hurt. And the question is extremely elusive. Not everybody can answer this. Good work.

  10. sad....but nicely quoted.....i dont think u wud get ur answer

  11. Is this what you really think.... it cud have been the other way save you from getting all tattered and bruised.... As you have a right to feel for and protect and be the time for the person .. the person also has the right to want you to stay apiece... so that you can speak the mind of so many people as you are doing now... You have a beautiful mind and it is gravitating like minds towards itself... this is your job for now... if it does not heal you... leave it on God.... he'll never leave anything unhealed and His world and he would always keep it beautiful.... and yes this is not the anonymous who said " You lied".... for sure...I dont think you lied ....

  12. Beyond its hard to believe you waived a goodbye. I wanted you to go on and on but you gave me courage with goodbye. Hear me.

    You just waltzed back in my life like you deserved to be here or something. You could have come back anytime, anytime before now. But you waited and waited. And you know what? It’s too late. I kept waiting for you to come back, and you didn’t. You never came back, until now. Anytime before now I would have welcomed you back with open arms. But you’re too late this time. I gave you more than enough chances to make things right and you didn’t. I opened myself up to get cut wide open. I finally moved on. I’m happy and I don’t need you anymore. That’s something I never though I’d say. I’m sorry if I’m not ready to throw all of that away to let you back in and make me look like a fool when you fuck me over. Again. I cant put myself through that again. You cant erase the past. The way we are now, is not my fault. I didn’t cheat, lie, or push you away. You did this to yourself. I’m sorry if you cant find anyone who amounts to me, which you probably won’t, but it’s your own doing. I’m not saying this out of spite or pity or anger even. I’m saying this because I know that no girl will ever amount to what I was for you, what you were for me. No girl will ever connect and feel for you the way I did. Maybe that same will go for me. There’s never going to be another guy that is just like you, who loved me like you did. But I’m ready to move on, to experience what else is out there. I cant put myself through what you did to me again. I need change. God knows I would never have chosen this for us. But I also cant fix what you created, and I don’t want to anymore.


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