The Unconditional, Divine Love I Talked About

That day when I was in lot of pain, I turned to God and questioned Him
Oh God, why me? What did I do to deserve this faith, tell me, why me?
God smiled at me and said, "Love is what you did and
When it came your way you said you'll honor it, so...."
My pain vanished at that very moment, I interrupted, "Yes", smiling.


  1. Fantastic, this is the exact feeling all of us have when in trouble. The shot beautifully depicts this.

  2. wow...when i read the poem, i was thinking what exactly it says...but after reading ur comment I understand the deep emotional sacrifice behind that happiness..nice

  3. Well, everybody has own way of honoring love. I respect your way too. And I am happy being the way I am.

  4. smile on your face to hide the sadness in your eyes. what are you trying to be some god?

  5. maybe i have some 'splanning to do... :)

  6. @Anonymous: I agree with you. I am human and I am selfish and I want love. Because I am not GOD.

  7. unconditional love immensely rare. u r blessed if u are able to give it and not only receive it

  8. well expressed!

    wen in pain we alwys question God. "WHY ME?"

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